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Public Lectures

These lectures held to address society’s diversifying scientific and academic needs while familiarizing a wide spectrum of people with the activities of the Japan Academy. For this purpose, members of the Academy deliver lectures twice a year, in the spring and fall. The spring lecture meetings are held throughout Japan, whereas the fall meetings are held at the Japan Academy in Ueno Park. Researchers of various fields present their work at these meetings in a manner that can be easily understood by the general public.

Date / place Lecturers / titles
64th Public Lecture
May 21, 2016
Kindai University Hiroshima Campus
Dr. TONO, Haruyuki: On the Country Name of Japan

Dr. ŌMURA, Satoshi: Microbial Gifts to Improve Human Health and Welfare
65th Public Lecture
October 22, 2016
Japan Academy
Dr. OKUDA, Masamichi: Liability of the Family for Damages Caused by Elderly Members whose Responsibility is Excluded

Dr. NAGAO, Makoto: Digital Library and Its Future Prospects
66th Public Lecture
May 20, 2017
Tokushima University
Dr. HONJO, Tasuku: Cancer Immunotherapy by PD-1 Blockade

Dr. NONAKA, Ikujiro: Practicing Knowledge Creation as Social Innovation
67th Public Lecture
October 28, 2017
Japan Academy
Dr. TAMAIZUMI, Yasuo: Shakespeare's London —Things Passing, Things unchanged—

Dr. MORI, Kenji: Juvenile Hormones and Pheromones—Chemistry Clarifies the Life of Insects—

68th Public Lecture
May 19, 2018

University of Tsukuba
Dr. NISHIO, Masaru : Two Ways of the Intergovernmental Relations Reform bound for More Decentralized Society

Dr. FUKAYA, Kenji : Logic and Reality of Spaces

69th Public Lecture
October 27, 2018
Japan Academy

Dr. SATO, Shoichi : Narrative of History and its Meaning: “Aristotle of the Mont-Saint-Michel” Controversy and Afterwards

Dr. HORIKAWA, Kiyoshi: “Coastal Engineering” My Life-long Research Field

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